The most Mexican city in France

Barcelonette has become one of my favorite places in France and taking advantage that my parents are here, we decided it was a perfect plan for a long weekend.

I find it impossible not to fall in love with this small town in Alpes de Haute Provence, south of France. It is situated on the banks of the Ubaye river making it a delightful holiday destination.

Barcelonnette has become the most Mexican city in France, and while being Mexican is enough, over here it’s even more amazing.

‘Mon Petit Mexique’ (my cute nickname to this town) had two big emigrations, the first one in 1821 and the second one between 1850-1910, because a lot of Europeans where looking for better opportunities in Mexico. As expected, when Mexican Revolution started (1910) the French people decided it was time to return to Barcelonnette.


Without doubt, the French fell in love with my beautiful Mexico; so when they return, they re-created a lot of places. That’s why at Barcelonnette you can see colorful Mexican homes, Mexican restaurants and even small towns called Villa Morelia, Villa Puebla and La Tapatia.


If you are planning a trip, August is the perfect time to visit Barcelonnette. In that month, they celebrate the Fêtes Latin Mexicaines, where the locals prepare Mexican food, concerts, ethnic/regional/folk dances and also Mariachis. This is my Mexican Paradise!



Without any doubt, this small town has too much to offer. Open the window of your room and watch the Alps is something I can’t describe. It’s impossible to get bored in Barcelonnette, it’s incredible location allows you to perform many activities during all the year, as rafting, water sports, cycling, hiking, paragliding , fishing, tours and more. During winter (one of my favorite seasons) you can ski in several resorts, drink a hot chocolate or vin chaud and enjoy the view.


Where to stay?
Muriel and René-Eric, amazing couple, are waiting for you at ‘Le Loup Blanc du Riou’. A perfect small village, 2km from Barcelonnette and 10 mins from ski station Praloup et du Sauze. This amazing cabin in the wood has a fully equipped kitchen, fridge, heater, microwave, dishwasher, TV, bathroom, Wi-Fi and a terrace with a beautiful view. The perfect place!



Where to eat?
– Well, we are not so far away from Italy, so having pizza for lunch sounds great. We ate at Jausiers, an small town at the ‘Col de la Bonette’ road. ‘La Caravanne à Pizza’ has delicious food and lovely service. If the weather is nice, you can rest outside. We were really lucky to have sun at the end of October!

Address: Chalet Cocody, 04850, Jausiers.
Tel: /


The trip is over but I hope I can come back soon. Merci beaucoup, mon petit Mexique!


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