10 Tips for eloping to Paris


1. Get legally married back home

It’s complicated to get legally married in Paris as a foreigner. For example: You have to live 45 days in France prior to a legal wedding. So what most couples do: They get legally married back home before or after a symbolic elopement ceremony in Paris.

2. Make it personal

To create a really personal elopement ceremony, share your ideas with your wedding celebrant! The advantage of a symbolic ceremony: It will really express who you are as a couple. For example: You can write your personal wedding vows or have your love story integrated in the ceremony. Plus: If you both have different religions or are atheists you can have an interfaith or a non-religious ceremony.

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3. Choose a great location

Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens: Pick one of this beautiful public outdoors locations in Paris , if it is only the two of you or up to 10 guests. If you bring more family and friends consider renting a private location such as a hotel, garden or chapel to make sure that your ceremony remains intimate.

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4. Take pictures

Your elopement in Paris is a unique experience: So book a photographer to make those moments memorable – and to share them family and friends back home! Check portfolio, blog, instagram of photographers to decide whose style you like most. Before you book make sure to read reviews!

5. Beware of the weather

Most likely you will have an outdoor ceremony. So be prepared for the weather – mainly in the cold seasons! Bring an umbrella and top off your bridal gown with warm accessories like tights or a cover up.

6. Plan flexibility

Allow enough time around your elopement: Don’t elope on your first or last day in Paris. The luggage with your bridal gown could possibly be delayed or it maybe rains on the last day – with no chance to postpone anymore!

7. Get into details

Book a makeup artist for the getting ready. Get a pretty bridal bouquet. And why not hiring a vintage car? It can be a good way to go from place to place – and looks great on pictures! You will find many English-speaking vendors in Paris – just google it, check on yelp or wedding blogs!

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8. Consider a wedding planner

You feel overwhelmed planning your elopement from afar and with many different vendors involved? Consider hiring a wedding planner, who can organize your elopement and coordinate all the vendors on your big day!

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9. Share your vision

Share with your vendors how you envision your big day – they are happy when they know how to make you happy! At the same time: Consider their advices! They want to help you avoiding typical obstacles that could occur during your elopement in Paris.

10. Enjoy!

You are in Paris – the city of love. And you both are making a commitment for life –because of love. How amazing is that! So lean back and ENJOY!

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The Paris Officiant Laura Montorio is an English-speaking celebrant for wedding, elopement and vow renewal ceremonies. She is based in Paris but also loves travelling anywhere else for a couple who wish to have a bespoke symbolic ceremony. She believes in creating the ceremony together with the couple to make sure it reflects the uniqueness of the couple is and expresses everything that is important to them. The Paris Officiant offer English, German, French, Chinese and Italian language options. Prior to becoming a wedding celebrant in Paris Laura Montorio worked as a journalist and studied literature and languages.





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