Paris: Spring fun to-do list


Who doesn’t love spring? The days are longer and warmer, the flowers are shinning, the sky is blue and outdoor activities become popular again! I love Paris during Spring and that’s why I am sharing with you, my to-do list:

1. Jardins – Grand Palais (March 15th – July 28th)

This is a fantastic “garden walk” through paintings, sculptures, photos and drawings. The Grand Palais brings together Monet, Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse, and more. I can’t wait!

Web: Jardins

2. Le Printemps du cinéma (March 19th – March 21st)

For 3 days an exceptional price for all! We can all see movies for only 4€!

Web: Le Printemps du cinéma

3. Free cuisine courses (March 24th – December 10th)

Thanks to the French Cooking Federation and The Town Holl of Paris, more than 500 free cooking classes will be available on some Paris markets. This year they have 9 different themes, like cuisine bio, cuisine du monde, tapas, Easter, and more.

Each market will have 3 sessions with groups from 5-10 people. This is a perfect opportunity to learn some new recipes! To take part in any of the cooking classes you have to register online.

Web: Cours de cuisine gratuits
Follow them on IG: FF Cuisine

4. Livre Paris (March 24th – March 27th)

Save the date: The 37th edition of Livre Paris at Porte de Versailles is almost here! This amazing event brings publishers, French and international readers, and over 15,000 readers together each year. During three days, the Salon du Livre offers more than 800 events and activities

Web: Livre Paris

5. Disney’s 25th Anniversary (March 26th)

On March 26th is Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary, check my post: Should you visit Disneyland Paris?

6. Egg hunting (March 26th – March 28th)

Countless kids excitedly wait for Easter and egg hunting, that’s why I am sharing with you all the activities I found for those dates. Sorry! this is only in French!

Web: Easter 2017: Egg hunts in Paris and the Ile-de-France region

7. Foire du Trône (March 31st – May 28th)

This is the biggest fairground with 60 days of games, fun and experiences for all ages. This amazing event will be happening once again on Pelouse de Reuilly. You can’t miss it!

Web: Foire du Trône

8. The musical fountain show (March 31st – October 31st)

If you love the château de Versailles as much as I do, you definitely need to go to enjoy the musical fountain show and the musical gardens.

Another event you can’t miss is the night fountain show (June 17th – September 16th), you can enjoy the illuminate gardens, the fountains swinging around and the music playing for more than 2h.

Web: Château de Versailles

9. Paris beer week (May 5th – May 13rd)

This event celebrates beers and artisanal brews with various locations though the city.

Web: Paris beer week

10. Femmes en sport (May 7th)

Every year, Paris organizes “Femmes en sport”, a day where women can try out a lot of sporting activities for free!

FB: Femmes en sport

11. Festival jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés (May 11th – May 22nd)

Each year, dozens of performers from around the world flock Saint-Germain for a series of concerts. This year’s festival will take place across 11 different locations.

Web: Jazz Festival

12. La fête des voisins (May 19th)

The “European Neighbors” day” is an event which occurs every year at the end of May. Any city or social housing organization is welcome to participate by promoting the event with the inhabitants using all the communications means at their disposal. This event gives the opportunity to interact with each other.

Web: La fête des voisins

13. La Nuit Européenne des Musées (May 20th)

I love the free night at the Museums in Paris. Last year we went to 3 of them, so excited! Take advantage and discover some of the amazing art and culture that Paris can offer you.

Web: Nuit des Musées

14. Picque-niques

Paris is packed with ideal picnic locations. I can’t wait to use my picnic basket that my parents gave us as a gift!

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