Destination of the month … Le Mont-Saint-Michel


Le Mont St Michel is something out of a fairytale. 5 years ago (wow… how time flies) my girlfriends and myself visited this medieval fortress town for a girls’ road trip. The place is one of the most visited tourist site in Normandy and also one of my favorites, that’s why I needed to go once again with bubu.

Built between sand and sky, the Mont-Saint-Michel represents one of the most amazing middle ages creation. Definitely, you will fall under the spell of the beauty of the landscape. Really, you can feel yourself in a magical, gravity-defying medieval monastery.

But, how did everything start? In the 8th century, the bishop of Avranches, a nearby town, claim that the Archangel Michael himself wanted a church built on the top of the island. And just like that, the dukes of Normandy and the French Kings began the construction of the abbey and the magnificent monastic buildings rising dramatically from the sea.

The truth is that each visitor heading over there, has different expectations. While some of them want to see something out of this world. Others got inspired by the Disney movie Tangled where you can see the real castle where Rapunzel was stolen from her parents. And finally, some others that simply want to see every UNESCO heritage sites on the planet.

Regardless of the reason that brought you to Mont-Saint-Michel you have some expectations about it. For me, I was completely impressed since the first time and that’s why I wanted to show this to bubu.

Fun facts

– Mont-Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.
– Saint-Michel population is only less than 50 people.
– The monastery was also a prison at some point.
– Is one of the most popular sites in France
– “The 100 Years War” started with the Duke of Britanny leading the siege to Mont-Saint-Michel for around 30 years! The Duke massacred the village but didn’t conquer the abbey.
– During the high tight you can even spot some seals.

How to get there from Paris

– TGV train from Paris Gare Montparnasse – Rennes and then a bus from Rennes to Mont-Saint-Michel.
– Once you get there you can take a free shuttle across the bridge to the island town.

Eat & Drink

A trip to Normandy isn’t complete without moules frites and crêpes. Over there you can find a lot of local options that cannot be missed.

Looking for more?

We went there while the tide was low and we saw groups of people hiking across the bay. So, if you want to try it, don’t forget your hunter boots for an unforgettable experience. Important! you can’t do this part on your own as it gets fatally dangerous with the tights.

Definitely, our trip to this medieval castle was absolutely magical!

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