True crime books reviews

1) Mother knows best – Netta Newbound 

Definitely, this novel should be given to teenage daughters. Now that I am a married woman I can understand that “my mom was always right”. Moms have the superpowers to know what is best for you, even though we don’t realize that and complain that she is unfair or mean.

Ruby decided to accept a date with Cory Strong, a good-looking, handsome and charming boy she meet at the gym, what could possibly go wrong? Well, I’ll never forget the perfect quote my mother-in-law told me once “always trust your instincts”.

Ruby knows that her mother would never trust that decision and despite on that, the date went really well. At the end of the lovely night, the young couple went to Cody’s house and this psychological thriller turns into a creepy nightmare.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The only thing I was really disappointed was the ending, for me, it looks unreal and forced. Netta gives us a perfect harmony of description and Cory’s character turned into even more important than Ruby.

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2) The empty place at the table – John Ellsworth 

It was just a quick sandwich in the hospital cafeteria…

But when she returned to her daughter’s room…

The girl was gone, vanished, no ransom note, no clues, no trace, she just disappeared. This book started really good, the characters, the plot seems perfect but I found a lot of inconsistency during it. I am not lying, I enjoyed it for a while but personally it seems unreal.

At the same time, I’ve got goosebumps all over me! Involving the Mexican Cartel, kidnapping kids and sex trafficking make me feel terrified. John Ellsworth will have you turning pages and devouring every twist and turn.

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3) Pretty little liars – Sara Shepard 

This mystery novel makes you feel that high-school will never be the same. The life of five friends, Alison, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria, changed when one of them disappears and they never hear from her again. Fast forward three years and things have changed, the girls are not longer friends and they had moved on with Alison’s disappearance.

Soon, the creepiness begins when someone is watching them all, information from their past appears and the girls start to think that Alison is still alive… The main plot of the novel is figuring out who “A” is and/or who killed Ali.

Shepard does a good job of a four-book series but I think this was not my favorite mystery novel and I didn’t enjoy it so much, for me it was a little bit too much and thinking of a second or fourth book like this would make me sleep for sure. If you are into suspense, drama, drama, drama, mystery go for it!

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4) The weight of lies – Emily Carpenter 

This was my perfect crime book, seriously the best way to start summer! Megan Ashley, narrator of this fascinating suspense thriller, decided to investigate an old murder that inspired her mother’s bestselling novel, Kitten.

At this atmospheric drama Meg will have to travel to the scene of the crime, Bonny Island, Georgia. Digging into the past, the reformed party girl finds herself in danger and realizes that her mother’s book is not the only horror in that creepy island. The novel goes back and forth between kitten and Megan’s story; and for a couple of weeks I found myself entirely sucked on.

Emily Carpenter delivers everything for the perfect summer book, and even better if you are staying in an Island. I love the novels filled with twists and turns and for sure this is a fascinating and hypnotic page-turner.

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